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110  First Ave, New York NY 10009

Monday: Closed

Tuesday - Sunday: 5pm-10:30pm


Traditional Japanese Cuisine Unique to NYC

Sushi Dojo is a top restaurant and bar in East Village, New York City. We serve some of the city's best authentic Japanese cuisine with wide and unique choices of fish and crustaceans. Our menu changes seasonally to provide the best and freshest ingredients.


With an intimate 16 seat counter bar, we break the boundaries between chef and patron, which is the traditional way of serving sushi in Japan and is truly unique in New York. This intimate interaction is crucial in our restaurant.


Dojo means a place to study and train, therefore, our philosophy is to educate our clientele about Japanese cuisine and culture. Sushi connoisseurs will also be able to enjoy by engaging themselves into conversation with the sushi chef and share their knowledge with each other.

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About Us


"I still have dreams about this omakase. Unpretentious, high quality food, done in a super thoughtful way. Omakase IS the play here. Every piece of the omakase was made fresh and carefully, with a unique twist of flavors, balancing edge and taste all in one bite. You should try the duck bun which is probably one of the better ones I had, and I did have the fried rice which was more gingery than I expected but seasoned just well enough, not too bland, not too salty. I can't remember which sake we had but it was all crisp and clean, great complements for omakase sushi.


The sushi chefs are personable and are welcome to dialogue and feedback. Overall, this is a great establishment, a memorable experience, and one of my top omakase options in NYC."

— Christopher A.

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